Tacoma, WA


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About Us

  • Roc Properties is a real estate investment company focusing primarily on wholesaling, and fix & flip projects. We specialize in finding solutions to any real estate problems caused by divorce, bankruptcy, probate, code violations, etc. We partner with local investors, and real estate agents to help our clients make the most money in the easiest way possible.

  • Roc Properties is owned and operated by Jared Heinen of Tacoma, Washington. Jared lives in and is vested in the Tacoma area and continues to make the city a more beautiful and prosperous city to live.

  • The thing that separates us from other investors is that instead of chasing money, we live to serve others. We take pride in helping people find a solution to what may feel like an impossible problem: selling a property fast, easy, and for a fair price. We combine small-town values, creative thinking, and a passion for serving others to assist you in achieving your goals as they relate to real estate.